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by | May 9, 2016 | Telecommunications

Does a cellphone user of today, ever reflect on what brought in the mobile technology years back? Very unlikely, isn’t it? Martin Cooper and his team at Motorola came up with the concept of cell phone in 1973. Even though the invention of cell phone was initially aimed to meet the needs of personal communication, this technology has now turned into a lifeline for teenagers, business professionals, and practically everyone.

Later in the early 90’s, the smartphone concept was introduced as an advanced way of handling cell phones through tactile technology. Smartphones did not only bring a remarkable change in communication technology but also projected the future of wireless communication.

So what’s really cool about these smartphones?

  • Quick access to data and online information

Whether you’re working in an office, are at home, or on a trip, the touchscreen technology of smartphones makes browsing, switching between applications, operating much easier and faster than you had imagined. With smartphones, users can connect to the internet and make instant bookings for multiple services like food ordering, movie show booking, travel tickets, etc. Bill payments and money transactions are now handy with the smartphones.

  • Social networking and Connections

Through smartphones, contact information can be integrated and well organized to help the user be in in touch with people through various social platforms. Applications like WhatsApp have revolutionized the world with their user-friendly features and global usage. Previously people who had to carry loads of information separately either on paper files or laptops, are now unburdened with the mass storage facility available on smartphones.

  • Attractive features and utilities

Latest smartphones have 1080p full HD screens and high speed RAMs for smooth performance of apps. Video calling, access to emails, and video conferencing from any place including inside cars, subways, trains, parks, and wherever there is cellular coverage, is available on smartphones. Internet access on a smartphone can be as powerful as on a desktop device. Multiple other features like streaming of high definition videos, gaming, music playing, e-book reader, camera, GPS device, can be comprised into a single smartphone which is capable of being carried in your pocket wherever you go. Other handheld utilities like health and fitness monitor, internet radio, compass, calculator, flashlight, currency conversion, photo editing, etc. make the smartphone a provider of great comfort to its owner.

Besides offering numerous benefits, smartphones are great fun to have. However, this makes our dependency on smartphones all the more strong. Let’s see how:

Shocking stats revealing our dependency on Smartphones

  • 86 percent of Indians use a smartphone

  • India ranks fifth in number of people claiming they carry their smartphones on trips

  • Mobile devices dominate India’s web traffic, with phones accounting for 72% of all web pages.

  • According to GSMA intelligence, by the end of the year 2016, 50% of worldwide mobile connections will be smartphones

Importance of internet data with reference to Mobile Phones

  • As of January 2016, India has 303 million mobile internet users out of the total 375 million internet users.

  • Social media apps are found to be the most preferred mobile activity.

  • India’s mobile internet population is expected to reach 315 million by the end of 2017.

Smartphones have gained vital importance in our lives, as we need them to assist us function more effectively and smartly.

Can I afford a smartphone?

If this is the question, you’re asking yourself, the answer is YES!

Smartphones have become quite affordable due to competitive prices available in the market. Their ever-increasing popularity and use of integrated apps, has made it possible for a huge segment of the population to own smartphones.

After buying a Smartphone, recharge it!

To stay connected to the world around you, it is essential to keep your mobile phone loaded with talk time and internet data for online activities.

Recharging was always easy. Now, it is Super Easy!

Previously prepaid mobile phone subscribers used recharge coupons to get a top-up done. Now in the internet age, prepaid mobile recharging is better done online.

For Smartphones, an online recharge is faster through an App

Smartphones are user-friendly and comprise the use of apps and utilities for better results and convenience of the user. Being designed particularly for recharging, certain apps have unique features and functions that make your prepaid mobile recharge more convenient.

Any suggestions???

Of course!! JRI App is one such smartphone app that we can explain so very well:

What’s so special about this JRI App?

  • Recharge on the go

Install JRI App on your smartphone through an internet connection. You’re ready to recharge online from any place and at any time.

  • Not just a prepaid mobile phone recharge

Recharge your DTH connection and data card also on the JRI app.

  • Recharge hassle-free

A smooth experience of recharging online is possible through JRI app’s smart functions.

  • Lightning fast

JRI App’s Repeat-A-Recharge function prevents you from going through all the manual selections that need to be done prior to a getting a previously done recharge. This is a one-click feature that recharges your mobile phone in less than 5 seconds.

  • Free Download

JRI App is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms and freely installable. Download and benefit instant recharge.

After reading and knowing the features of JRI app, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s very normal to be inquisitive before you choose a service. We have the answers to all your questions about recharging online. Just visit, and download the smart and trendy JRI app. Enjoy the seamless flow of mobile connectivity on your smartphone. Also check out the latest plans offered by various service providers in our blog section.

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