Floating Picture Frames: A Great Way to Display Memories

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Arts & Entertainment

A multitude of options exist in framing. Whether for precious art, for your own photos, or to display important documents, you’ll find that there are frames in a wide variety of styles that can work with your décor as well as make your artwork and portraits truly ‘pop’.  In some cases, perhaps you don’t want the photo or artwork behind glass or mounted within a frame. Floating picture frames are popular in a variety of décor styles, including modern and industrial. They give you the opportunity to show just the art or portrait and can add dimension to a room.

Floating Picture Frames    

A floating picture frame can offer a great way to hang a portrait or piece of art. Finished digital print is mounted on the premium quality wooden panel and then by attaching a subframe behind that panel, the photo appears to float on the wall.

This can be a popular choice for murals and large family portraits.  There are some great options in a floater frame as it can float a half an inch from the wall or a full inch from the wall.  It can be available in a variety of coatings, such as glossy or pearl.  Depending on your choice for your floating picture, a variety of options, including metallic paper can be used. This provides depth to your photo as well.

Buy Custom Printed Floating Picture Frames

In Floating picture frame, the photo is permanently mounted with glue. It can not be removed. Some people take in photos to be professionally framed. And in the cast of a floating foto board, you can order online, simply uploading your photo and making the selection of the size and the type of paper and coating you want. Your unique floating photo can be sent directly to you. This could be an excellent gift idea, as well. Visit ArtDotz to find an elegant, frameless way to display your images.

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