Monthly Archives: October 2016

All You Need To Know About ULIP Plans In India

ULIP plan is a product offered by life insurance companies, which provides investors risk cover for the policyholder and investment options to invest in any qualified number of investments such as bonds, stocks or mutual funds. It is a single integrated plan in which the protection part and the investment part can be achieved according… Read more »

Online Crowdfunding Websites Give Small Startups a Boost

If you are set to launch your start-up and have taken a look at the online crowdfunding websites that provide funding, you might understand the dynamics of this sort of support. While funding is always the primary goal of a crowdfunding campaign, it is also a great way to gain visibility, promote your business, and… Read more »

Money Transfer To India

Earlier, money transfer to India was never considered to be an process. The activity of transferring money to India is quite old as there are many individuals who are settled abroad since years. Before globalization and the era of modern technology, people followed the age old methods of transferring money. They took risks of transferring… Read more »