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The term ‘crowdfunding’ refers to the accumulation of funds from various sources in order to raise money for a cause. There a number of platforms available and used for this type of fundraising including – mail-order subscriptions and benefit events, but the means procuring the most popularity surely are the internet mediated transactions. Be the… Read more »

Raise Money Easily with Online Fundraising

Are you concerned about how to raise money for a special cause? Of course you can choose to raise money offline, but today you stand a much better chance of raising more money when you choose online fundraising. There are companies available who can help you reach your goals when you use their services for… Read more »

Online Crowdfunding Websites Give Small Startups a Boost

If you are set to launch your start-up and have taken a look at the online crowdfunding websites that provide funding, you might understand the dynamics of this sort of support. While funding is always the primary goal of a crowdfunding campaign, it is also a great way to gain visibility, promote your business, and… Read more »

Visit Muslim Matrimonial Sites to Find Your Life Partner

For young Muslims today, there are a lot of pressures behind the choice of a life partner. Arranged marriages are a standard practice in many societies, but the process is complicated and can cause undue stress to the young individuals involved. Many Western Muslims, especially the younger generation, have decided to try their hand at… Read more »

Four Things To Consider When Crowdfunding For Films

Most people would love to create an independent film and have it be the highlight of the season. However, movies cost money, and it can be difficult to get traditional loans to pay for everything required. However, there is another alternative, called crowdfunding, which works for films, as well as other entrepreneurial needs. However, to… Read more »

Understanding the Basics of a Successful Online Crowdfunding Platform

An online crowdfunding platform provides the community an easy and effective method to raise money from the donations of family, friends, customers or investors. This approach is developed on a platform that reaches a large group of people and some international platforms reach the entire world. A major tool that exposes these efforts of online… Read more »