Differences between Fashion and Costume Jewelry

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Shopping & Fashion

In the 1930s, costume jewelry was popularized for practical reasons. Oftentimes, women owned valuable pieces which were passed down from mom to daughter as a family heirloom. It was overly risky to don these items because of possible damage, theft, and loss, so people has replicas designed from less expensive materials for day-to-day wear.

The practice of making faux jewelry became popularized because ladies could expand their collections of jewelry for versatility, as well as wardrobe accessorizing without having to break the bank on finer pieces. Costume jewelry soon became fashionable accessories for commoners who couldn’t afford precious stones and valuable metals. The term “costume jewelry” derives from its usage in stage performances. Within theatrical plays, directors had a desire for the audience to view the sparkling jewelry, yet the price of real pieces wasn’t feasible for many productions. Prop departments made costume jewelry that had faux gems and dazzling rhinestones which the audience could view and their budget could afford. Also, the fake jewelry prevented theft amongst members of the cast and crew.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry includes the evolution of costume jewelry, as well as only differs somewhat in its intended use. In the 1980s, this kind gained popularity as young ladies donned fashion jewelry to make a statement. The word “fashion jewelry” is more recent than the term “costume jewelry” and integrates playful and fun styles. Consumers who buy Fashion Jewelry in Indiana online dress in this kind to dress outfits up and follow current trends in fashion. Fashion jewelry styles constantly are evolving as new trends arise, whereby costume jewelry will encompass timeless pieces which now are considered antique or vintage. Some fashionable ladies who Buy Fashion Jewelry in Indiana online prefer fashion jewelry over high end pieces due to them being able to spend less money on jewelry which only will be in style for one or two seasons.

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