Four Things To Consider When Crowdfunding For Films

by | May 18, 2016 | Business

Most people would love to create an independent film and have it be the highlight of the season. However, movies cost money, and it can be difficult to get traditional loans to pay for everything required. However, there is another alternative, called crowdfunding, which works for films, as well as other entrepreneurial needs. However, to crowdfund successfully, you’ll need to know a few things first, including pitch, perks, promotions and personalization.


Before you create your campaign, you must think about the pitch or the presentation that you’re going to give others to get the interested. While you can use almost anything to help create the pitch, you’ll probably want to include a short video to tell others about the campaign and why you’re asking for funds.

There are four parts to the pitch, including the introduction. You must introduce yourself by telling others who you are and what you’re doing. Feel free to show your personality and that you care deeply about your campaign.

Next, you will have to show them a few details about the film you’re making, as well as budgets and timelines. This is called the pitch because you’re explaining to others how you are going to use the money and what you’ll create with it.

During the showcase phase, you’ll probably give a few clips from the film itself and explain what rewards you’re providing to anyone who donates money. This is also where you can build up credibility for your piece.

The last part is the call to action, which is where to expressly ask other for money or to share the information with others.


While the pitch explained a little about perks and rewards, you want to consider the rewards that people will get for donating. Of course, they’ll feel good about helping someone, but they want a little something in return. Because you’re not selling a product, you can’t offer them a discount or a free product. Therefore, you may want to consider other things, like a mention on the website, access to particular playlists, a free viewing of the film or a specially signed DVD.


Crowdfunding for films allows you to promote your film in new and various ways. Once you create the campaign, you can share it on social media sites and get more people involved.


Create a campaign page that fits your movie’s style and genre.

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