Important Overseas Parcel Shipping Considerations for Your Business

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

When you are running a business, it is your responsibility to attract as many customers and clients as possible. Typically, you will attract most of those clients from near your physical location. However, as the Internet expands, the world is getting smaller. Now, you can do business with people from around the world. A business person in Mumbai selling trainers can sell a pair of shoes to a runner in California without much problem. However, there are certain kinds of business that are a little more difficult to orchestrate. When you are shipping certain kinds of things, you have to take extra precautions.

Hazardous Substances

When it comes to overseas parcel shipping, you are going to need an experienced partner in the business if you want to ship hazardous substances. These substances can be anything that is dangerous or that a foreign government deems to be dangerous. For example, automotive chemicals or industrial chemicals could be considered hazardous. Any kind of flammable substance could be considered hazardous as well. If these items are an integral part of your business, you are still going to need to ship them. However, you will need to find an overseas parcel shipping partner that specializes in hazardous chemicals.

Heavy and Bulky Items

Heavy or bulky items aren’t necessarily illegal or controlled for shipping, but they are more difficult to ship. If you are shipping anything especially heavy or bulky, you should look into an overseas parcel shipping partner that specializes in shipping awkward packages. Awkwardly shaped items need special attention when you are packaging them and shipping them. They are harder to package, harder to ship, and harder to deliver. Heavy items are similar. Even if they’re a standard shape, they’re very difficult to manage since they are so heavy. An experienced courier service can make that possible for you.

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