Money Transfer To India

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Financial Services

Earlier, money transfer to India was never considered to be an process. The activity of transferring money to India is quite old as there are many individuals who are settled abroad since years. Before globalization and the era of modern technology, people followed the age old methods of transferring money. They took risks of transferring money to India as money of course is a basic necessity. However, today things have changed today as modern technology has given us too many options to transfer money.

Money is still and will be always one of the most important factor of fulfilling one’s needs. In earlier days, when many of us weren’t having bank accounts and there weren’t many bank service as compared to now, there was a lot of difficulty face while transferring money. The sender had to struggle to find ways and means to send his or her money to their families back home in India. Money orders, money transfer agents were few options to transfer money. Receiving money was stressful during those days as there weren’t any medium to track the money. It use to take days to receive the amount and eventually those days of wait were very stressful.

However, today bank transfers, wire transfers and online money transfers are amongst the most convenient and used mediums of transferring money. They are secure, safe and the most popular and preferred modes of money transfer. Talking about online money transfers, it is considered to be the safest and user friendly service. These online money transfers have tie-ups with banks which enables the recipient to get direct transfer of money to his or her account. Many providers give benefits of transferring money with in a day.

Online Money Transfers to India is the most easiest and widely accepted option today. It is cost effective and less expensive. Many companies offer delivery options which includes direct credit to the receiver’s bank account. One can also check the exchanges rate that these¬† money transfer companies are providing. It is important to check the exchange rates before transferring money as it varies from company to company and bank to bank as well. With the presence of online money transfers Money is remitted to India much more speedily as compared to old-fashioned methods.
One such online money transfer service which offers convenience, speed, traceability to its customers and allows remittances to be done within the comforts of home is RemitGuru. RemitGuru is considered to be one of the most effective and customer-eccentric online remittance service.

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