The Perks to Using an International Freight Shipping Service

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Whether someone needs their personal belongings moved from country to country, or a business needs to make shipping arrangements with international clients, technology has changed how we transport goods. When it comes to international freight shipping, there are many important things to keep in mind when considering to move goods this way.

Things to Keep In Mind

Cost of services is probably the number one deciding factor when it comes to making the decisions to ship your belongings internationally. There are many cargo plane companies that offer fair and competitive prices, while helping to ensure your belonging’s safety.

Weight is another big factor when deciding how to ship products. It is a good idea to look up specific weight criteria and costs with individual companies, so finding a company who won’t overcharge you for the things you have, becomes an easier task.

Speed is also an important issue when determining shipping method. Though sending belongings by sea may carry slightly less cost, it can take much longer, and lost articles are harder to recover. Many sea shipments can take about a month to arrive, while an air shipment can only take about a day or two in comparison.

Environmental Impact Versus Alternatives

Impact on the environment provides as a major tie breaker for some people when choosing between methods of shipping. Jet fuel burns clean, and as the jet is being used for only a few days at a time, in comparison to the big water vessel which requires way more fuel and is operational for almost two weeks to a month at a time. The shipping method must also prove to be a reliable one, as these goods are being trusted to be transported internationally without incident.


When it comes to international cargo shipping, the air freight method is often quite reliable. Airliners function on a millions of people a day schedule, each bringing their belongings to a new destination. Airliners have a lot of practice with high volume product movement and have many safety nets and regulations in place to help ensure the proper handling of one’s items.

While there are a few options to choose from when determining the best method to ship one’s products or belongings internationally, deciding to use freight shipping is one of the better options. For those who need to have their items stay secure, and arrive on time, international freight shipping will become a preferred method of transport for their international shipping needs.

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