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Raise Money Easily with Online Fundraising

Are you concerned about how to raise money for a special cause? Of course you can choose to raise money offline, but today you stand a much better chance of raising more money when you choose online fundraising. There are companies available who can help you reach your goals when you use their services for… Read more »

Reliance Extends Jio Prime Membership Offer to its Subscribers

Ever since Reliance Jio services were launched in September 2017, millions of mobile users have taken to the free voice and data services offered by the telecom operator. The company kicked off with the preview offer and later introduced its welcome offer which again attracted maximum number of customers. The Reliance Industries owned subsidiary is… Read more »

When To Ask For Shipping Insurance

Chances are, if you’ve sent or received enough packages in your lifetime, you might have had one lost or damaged. Especially when it comes time for shipping a box or letter overseas, or in busy seasons like around the holidays, human or mechanical error and negligence alike can really throw a wrench in the works… Read more »

Transfer Funds To India

A lot of Indians have migrated and shifted their base to other countries, reasons are – carrer options, better lifestyle. Leaving our own country and shifting to an another country could be also because of job opportunities. We have our family staying back in India, and transferring funds to them is one of the major… Read more »

‘My Best Offer’ – Tata Docomo’s 3G Data Pack – An Endeavor to Strengthen Market Position

In a time when the Indian markets are witnessing rapid innovation in terms of telecommunication technology and demands for attractive mobile talk-time plans, incumbent mobile operators like Reliance Jio have put their foot down to gain a competitive advantage through mind-boggling data and voice offers. To counteract such a stiff struggle for market position, Tata… Read more »