Find The Right Designer Sunglasses For Women

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Shopping & Fashion

Most ladies put off finding a pair of shades because there are so many options, and they get overwhelmed. Going into any store will provide you with hundreds or thousands of options, and the thought of trying all them all may make you head out with nothing to protect your eyes. When you consider all the designer sunglasses for women that are out there, the decision can be even more challenging. Fashionable options are more important now than ever before. People know that protection of their eyes is a necessity, but want to look excellent and well-put-together as well.

Trends and Styles

When you go shopping for shades, you should have an idea of the current trends, but shouldn’t focus primarily on the trend itself. Trends and fads come and go, and you want something that can be worn for a few seasons or even a few years. Therefore, you should focus on the amount of eye protection first, and then the style, size, features, and finally, the cost of owning them.

Color of Lenses

Designer sunglasses can come with various color lenses though gray lenses are the most popular right now. Gray lenses will reduce the brightness of the sun, but won’t change the color of the objects you view. Green lenses can also work well if you prefer a color-contrast between the objects. Amber or brown tints will diminish the sun’s glare, but will distort colors more than the other lens colors. However, more and more women are choosing blue lenses for various reasons.


When you consider luxury merchandise, the style is going to be heightened, but there are still many varieties from which to choose, making it difficult for most. Therefore, if you want something to wear all year long or for many summers, you want to select a style that has been around for a long time and continues to be popular. For example, aviators have been popular for years and remain so even now.

However, you should also focus on a style that fits your face because not everyone can wear aviators. For example, cat-eye glasses work well for people with heart-shaped faces or round faces, while aviators look great on those with oval faces.


Most people still focus on the name brands, and that may also work for you. However, you shouldn’t concentrate on a single brand, but rather how the accessory looks on you.

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