Tips For Hazardous Goods Shipping In India Or Abroad

by | May 13, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

It is important when shipping any type of hazardous materials or dangerous goods within or outside of India to ensure all shipping regulations are closely followed. Additionally, all individuals and companies must notify the carriers and shippers of the contents of the package. In most cases, dangerous or hazardous goods should be packaged by the courier or shipper to ensure compliance with hazardous goods shipping laws.

Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to recognize some common items may fall into the category of dangerous or hazardous goods, and this can cause complications. For all products that may be explosive, corrosive or may pose a risk of damage by fire, special packaging is required.

In India, hazardous goods shipping is controlled by the ICAO, IATA and IMDG regulations. This will apply to both commercial items, medical specimens, cargo and personal items that may be shipped within or outside of the country. Additional regulations based on shipping into different international countries will also have to be considered, and this is where the courier or shipper in India will be essential in ensuring those regulations are also strictly followed.

Common Items often Overlooked

In most situations a commercial shipper, a business or research facility in India will be aware of the type of material they are transporting. Items that include chemicals of any kind, including acids and other corrosive materials, have to be both labeled as well as packaged carefully to prevent any possibility of damage in transit.

However, often with personal items and even gifts, simple oversight or lack of understanding of the dangers of transporting some items may create problems for those trying to send packages within India or outside of the country.

Items that have to be sent using hazardous goods shipping protocols include any type of aerosol can, nail polish remover, any type of batteries or any items containing batteries, as well as flammable items such as perfumes and any type of medications or drugs.

Additionally, electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other similar types of devices, because they contain batteries will also need to be shipped in full compliance with regulations.

Other overlooked items can include magnets, toner for photocopiers or printers, matches, alcohol, cigarette lighters, hair products such as hair dye, and even laundry detergents and many household cleaning products.

Most of the top shipping and courier companies will provide a comprehensive list of items that have to be shipped following hazardous or dangerous goods regulations. If you aren’t sure about an item, making a quick call can verify if it is safe to pack or if it needs to be packaged as a hazardous item.

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